Buy bitcoin securely with your credit or debit with any of these websites.

  1. Put the amount equivalent to the amount of your order.
  2. Copy the bitcoin wallet or QR code from checkout
  3. Paste it on wallet address
  4. (Optional) Enter your email address for notification when sent.
  5. Fill in your card information, pay and confirm
  6. Take a screenshot or picture and send it to us for verification with your order number. 

Buy Bitcoin using Cash App

1. Tap the Investing tab on your Cash app home screen.

2. Tap Bitcoin.

3. Press Buy.

4. Enter amount or tap preferably in USD .

5. Enter your PIN and select Confirm.

6. Send bitcoins to wallet address in the checkout page.

7. Take a screenshot or picture and send it to us for verification with your order number.  

Buy Bitcoin with any Walmart Bitcoin ATM Machine 

Click Here To Search NearBy Bitcoin ATM Machine.

Once you get to the bitcoin atm machine,  here is how to make deposit To Buy Bitcoin

  • Click “Buy Bitcoin”
  • Choose coin (e.g. Bitcoin)
  • Click scan QR (Save our QR code at bitcoin Checkout).
  • Insert cash bills.
  • Press “Finish”
  • Take printed receipt.

if you are located in Canada visit coinberry to buy bitcoins online


1) Download, Open & Signup on Cash App

2) Enter the amount

3) Tap Pay

4) Paste our $Cashtag from livechat

5) Note is optional (Usually enter your order number for reference)

6) Tap Pay

Notice For Cash App Payment :
Cashapp Notice: We’ve had several complaints from clients who tried to make payment via Cashapp” Cashapp warns the tag might be related to a
Scam. We contact Cash Support and we are still to get a response from them. But what we understood after several attempts was that it’s a new security
option. Where Cashapp tries to warn clients when sending money above $50 to a cash tag which is not found in your contact list and you’ve never sent
money to the person before. This is just to make sure you are sending to the right person.
Note: This is no red flag